How long do you need to set up?

To set up and sound check, we’ll need at least 90 minutes. The stage should look nice though.  We have everything we need including PA, monitors, lighting etc.

Do you have insurance ?

Rhythm Boulevard has public liability insurance.

How long do you play for?

We’ll play for up to 2-3 hours, depending on the situation. Usually we play for less and will need an occasional break! We can also arrange for support acts and can provide recorded music, from some background music to a disco with DJ. (The venue must have required licenses and premises public liability insurance)

How is that broken down?
Usually this will be 2 sets, with a short break but we can play right through or play 3 sets. It depends on the event.

How loud are you!?

Our amps, PA and monitors are loud enough for any venue that lacks a house PA.  As experienced ‘function’ musicians we manage our volume to suit the event.

How much space do you need to play?

We’ll take all the space we can, and it helps the show, but to be honest we’ve played in some small spots Ideally we would like about 6m wide x 4m deep.

Do you do requests?
We learn new songs all the time, and if you like our taste in music, we’ll probably like your suggestions too. A bit of notice is useful! (Making it up on the night is fun but unpredictable!)

Where do you play?
We’re based in Berkshire and Hampshire but we happily travel, bearing in mind that travel time and costs have to be covered. (sorry)


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